Friday, August 3, 2012

Azimah is 18 Today

I just found out that today is Azimah's 18th birthday. Azimah is the youngest daughter of my eldest sister.

I checked my photos database but could not find any photos of her.  Anyway, I know she doesn't like her face to be captured...

I wish all the best for her future undertakings. Please take one thing at a time dear, and do not worry so much about the future. What you have to do now is focus on your studies and try to get as much as experience as to become a better person. Let god/fate takes care of the rest.

I do not know whether Ima likes me or not (ha ha) because she seems to avoid me whenever I am around. Bukan lah avoid macam mana, tapi sebab dia quite kan, so terasa macam dia avoid lah pulak.

But maybe she got it from me since I was very shy myself when I was younger. Yeah, lack of self confidence and simply dislike the presence of others. But I changed once I grow up, develop my self confidence and understand more about life. I discovered the joy of being around family and friends and now I simply dislike the idea of having to spend my time alone.

But one thing for sure, this girl, Azimah, can really write. I wonder if she could really become a blogger one day and make it as a source of income? hmm, kan dah ada option tu Ima? Maybe you can seriously think about it.

Hmmm. I used to ask her to take up Journalism so that she could travel around the world (that is what I want to do actually, suruh orang lain buat pulak kan?)...but her response response, ha ha ...

I know you are reading this Ima and I want you to know that no matter what, no matter where, you will always be the niece I love. Have a happy birthday with your sisters.


  1. Cik Bib, I just read this! huh, I'm your loyal reader, but how come I just realized about this post? o,O

    tqvm cikbib :) haha :D

  2. better late than never babe, you are most welcome