Wednesday, February 25, 2009


1 March 2008…Yong passed away.

I have written this earlier and sort of scheduled it to be posted yesterday but it did not happen!.. I need to learn more..anyway, this is a tribute to Yong. I would also like to dedicate this to her strong three daughters....:))

I could not recall another day or time when my feelings were the same as the moment I was informed that there's nothing more that could be done to save Yong. I wished I could do something to make her live again, which was simply impossible. Being a Muslim, I accepted fate and pray the best for her life hereafter.

When I was a child, I remember Yong as this gentle kakak, and the prettiest in the family (kakak was kind of brutal back then, he he). She was my favourite kakak. I remember the day I went to school when I was only six and Yong has just came back for her holiday from MPSI. She was so excited and waved me good bye from the hall’s window in Chemor….

There was also the time when she put me on the bicycle and threatened to send me out for adoption…I was so scared and cried, but she simply laughed away.

She was the first one I called after I decided to get married…and I think she was the most excited also…I am not sure whether it is coincidence, but Yong has actually taken a photo of mind and met this ustaz and asked him to pray my jodoh, maybe the prayer was granted because not long after that I simply decided to get married….sampai seru

There’s something about her that make people feel at ease…she is a good cook and really good in talking…I like to listen to her…

Being the eldest, Yong has helped to support the family and for that I am sure all of us thank her.

Not long before she passed away, I have promised to visit her in Lenggong but somehow was not able do so. I called her and she said she was about to cook fried macaroni and sandwich…well, maybe next time, but now it just never will happen.

For me the time spent with her was too short, I wish for more time but I guess Allah knows best. Yong has passed to us her three daughters, Ika, Ina & Ima, and if we have not spent enough time with Yong, maybe we could allocate more time with her children. May Allah Bless Us All.

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