Saturday, February 7, 2009


my own blog! Saya ada blog sendiri...he he...tak percaya?..Shukri percaya tak?...Percayalaaaahhhh (lagu siti nurhaliza)

Hari ini saya di ofis, perlu bekerja. Sebenarnya bahagian saya telah selesai semalam (kami bekerja sampai 11 malam), tapi hari ini tetap datang, untuk memberi semangat kepada yang lain (dan boleh menulis blog...hari lain usah harap lah sempat)
Apart from memos, letters and the usual mundane statistical report, I have not been writing for quite some times, not even letters, so, I guess this will be a perfect place to polish up my writing...and do pardon me if the standard does not meet up with your expectation.
Ingat tak waktu kecil dulu dan kita ada diary (my first diary was given by kak cik when I was 9)...and we will always start with..Dear Diary...okay that's how I'll start today
Dear Diary...
I woke up this morning with slight pain all over my body, I must be getting older since I used to work harder before with no pain, no headache...but this time....., due to pain, I cancelled my plan to go for my morning jog...I went on sleeping and only woke up at 8 a.m. I took my bath, had breakfast and went straight to work.
How do I feel today? tell the truth this year started quite bad...I share the pain that my kakak is having and now I am sharing the pain with most Perakian...semoga Allah memberikan saya, kakak dan semua orang Perak kekuatan dan ditunjukkan jalan untuk mengatasai masalah yang datang.
I guess this is enough for a start, maybe I will upload some pictures later. Thank You.

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