Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We had a picnic!!

Yohoooo...we went for a picnic last Sunday...Mek Yah's family, Shuk & I, plus Along....the only activity was makan...until you really cannot makan...Mek Yah cooked nasi lemak with tumis ikan bilis and petai...some boiled eggs, sandwich (sardine) and also the proudly presented by ainaa & Iman...the carrot cake...huwa thing for sure, all of us went back full..

maybe next time cikbib will cook instead and invite you all come since this time my contribution was some malay kueh which I bought with penuh kasih sayang from Cili Merah...he he..

maybe next time we'll go to Bukit Cerakah and sewa nya
Ini carrot cake nya...boleh tahan, not so sweet


  1. Boleh aje, the picnic part. Next time boleh try buat chocolate cheese cake pulak. Sure terangkat. Tapi nasi lemak n petai tu juadah wajib for breakfast...

  2. aiyoo, awat asyik masak cake ni?? mesti hilang kami punye ketahanan diri ni..musti makan bnyk...but I do think the activity is fun...boleh diulangi..