Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where can we find a delicious chicken chop in Shah Alam?

Yesterday, 10 February 2008, after a tiring day, I managed to reach Shah Alam before 6.30, hmmm, since Maghrib is quite late nowadays, Shuk & I decided to go makan first before we go home.

This is where we eat.. can you see the tortoise on the rock?

We have tasted quite a nice chicken chop in Ipoh recently..Abang Hatta la, we decided to hunt for a chicken chop today. Do you know Kedai Kopi 2 which located next to Masjid Shah Alam..near the museum? Well..after three years passing the kedai, we finally managed to hop in and ready to try the food
We liked the place, with the lake and the tortoise, ...peaceful...the service was okay and overall the place is clean ..and the food...we ordered chicken chop and rojak buah...the rojak was nice but the chicken chop..we decided to visit the shop in Ipoh again later...he he