Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Balik Ipoh Lagi....

Hari minggu yang lepas Shuk & I balik kampung's Chemor actually, but since I would like to share this picture with all of you, I think Ipoh would be more appropriate...tengok nih..waaa...mercu tanda baru di Highway, ala-ala Hollywood lagi..

Hmmm...before we reached Chemor we decided to stopped at Restoran Ramli and eat first so that mak do not have to cook anything..I had nasi ayam, Shukri had mee rebus and we ordered mihun sup for mak...since we plan to visit kakak in the evening, that would mean I do not have to cook...what a blessing....kih kih kih..

When we reached Chemor Izzat was there...and that would mean tumis petai mesti ada...hish..makan lagi, menyesal giler sebab makan nasi ayam earlier

Anyway, Shukri was having a headache and went straight to sleep, so, when mak and Izzat were having lunch I just could not resist...I ate and ate and ate...isk isk isk..itulah masaalah...

It was quite a hot day and I decided to get some sleep at around 4.00 pm. Shukri woke me up at around 5.00 and asked whether there's anything to eat...actually he smelled it already...there's tumis petai..

After Shukri had his very late lunch, we decided to visit Atikah at her new house. Believe it or not Mak decided not to join us because 'Assalamualaikum Cinta' is on...bagut punye priority..kih kih kih..before we left for Atikah's house, the wind blew very hard and a tree near Asiah's house fall..luckily not on her house..but on the electric line..there's no electricity for the night for them then..

I would also like to highlight on the condition of Asiah's house. They have been living without electricity for around two months..imagine...maybe we could kongsi and help them out...I think we should

hmmm...Atikah's house...well, I must say that their house in Bercham is much better, but I guess they just have to stay in Tg Rambutan till they become a little bit more mature...sabar ye girls..

Oh..they served us blackcurrant tea...sedap tapi a little bit too sweet for me..and all three has put on a little weight..indication of their happines to be together..also an indicator that they are consuming more out girls, though people cannot see you eat, people could see that you are growing..

After Maghrib we went to visit kakak...she is doing her preparation for Fizah's should be a joyous event, something which all of us were waiting event where the whole family will be together...isi bunga telur...makan, gossip, it should be that could we think otherwise...

Anyway...we had discussion on our trip to Langkawi and decided to go to eat the same chicken chop...but only to find that the chicken chop sudah abit looooo....guano mu...oghe date daghi jauh mu bole kato abih...isk....terpakse la makan bende lain

we went back and slept like a sejuk..woke up the next morning, had breakfast and started off early to visit Shuk's sister in Ipoh.

Shuk's sister (Kak Maton) and her hubby (Abang Asmad)are selling roti canai in Ipoh(Kg Temiang)....Abang Asmad is actually a policeman but he will help out Kak Maton during improve family economy laaa...I respect the way they handle their difficult situation..they never complain and infact they are happy people...they strive together, that is the most important thing right?....I hope their life will be better in future.


  1. cik bib...anas x sempat nak gi kak pijah punya wedding...duk asrama...2 minggu sekali balik...hehehe

  2. ye ke...bukan waktu tu dah cuti penggal ke?..tapi memang tak sempat kut, sebab ibu balik Jumaat kan