Monday, February 16, 2009

it is going to be a busy week..

Since I have to do internal audit this whole week, I may not be able to update this blog . But since I am too tired now and cannot do work, I would like to share my weekend activities here.

On Saturday we cancelled our plan to jog since my feet were still in pain. But in the afternoon we decided to go to dataran Shah Alam to watch the Le Tour De Langkawi...we were suprised because the number of people were not that many, anyway we had free milo and were able to see Khalid Ibrahim and his almost 1 million Lexus...he he.

On Sunday we went to visit Shuk's nephew who's leg were broken...cian betul...must be really painful. There were a lot of food and since both of us skipped lunch, we really hantam everything...he he...and when we got back..we were sooo tired.

Okaylah...I will try to write again later...tq


  1. Patutle semalam kami bertembung dengan 2 kereta petronas bawa basikal atas atap kat tol batu 3 masa balik dari cherating....tak tau pulak musim le tour...