Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hari ke 40 di KK

It's Sunday nite, 10.05 pm. For Sabahans, it's already very late, and yeah, I am almost ready to retire, especially because I'll be working tomorrow.

And if many of you were hoping that there will be an update on my visit to Kundasang this time around, I am afraid I have to disappoint you. Yup, the weekend was spent at home, cleaned the house, cooked, tdoq, watched tv etcs. Maybe that is how I am going to spend my whole weekends during my tenure here...mode disappointed ni.

But I did manage to cook curry last Monday. I was supposed to make some cucur ikan bilis that nite, but decided to cook curry instead and believe it or not, hubby approved and gave good comment. I was happy or should I say, thankful and also surprised. Hubby even asked whether I memorized the recipe used. Apa pulak recipe, itu lah caranya saya masak kari selama ni, tapi the final taste tidak harmoni rasanya, itu sebab kari saya kurang menjadi...he he he.

One fact about KK is it is quite hard to find kuih muih melayu to the extend that I decided to learn to cook some of it. I wanted to make kuih tepung talam. But last Friday, I have discovered this one shop at Plaza Merdeka that sell kuih muih Melayu yang cantik dan sedap. Hiksss, I can put my plan to learn to cook kuih muih Melayu on hold then...

And lagi?...the weather is very hot nowadays....berpeluh peluh kita orang...

Hmmm...oklah you alls...saya dah nak tidur ni...jumpa lagi di lain masa...have a productive week ahead.

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