Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I am still in busy mode right now.
I am busy packing my things at the office and also at home. Moving to Sabah is like moving to other country because I need to hire movers to move my things plus my car. The movers will come to pack my things next Monday.
I also need to go to the bank to get some documentation ready for my car to be shipped to KK. 
While busy to get ourselves prepared for Sabah, we also have weddings/aturcara lain to attend. Ada family gathering, and kawan want to belanja...sooo...I am super occupied.
Tapi tak pe lah, bukan selalu kan, let's just enjoy the experience.
As for now, I am still at the office because someone would like to belanja me after Maghrib. Seronok orang belanja ni, tapi rindu lah pulak dekat Tokbomo...hikss. Semalam, both of us were exhausted sampai saya tak boleh tidur...tapi akhirnya tidur juga walaupun terbangun pulak pukul 4 pagi dan tak boleh tidur sampai pukul 5.00 pagi. Lepas tuuu, bangun lambat lah...apa lagi.
Hmmm...okay lah...saya update macam ini aja dulu ye...jumpa lagi di lain masa

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