Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Take a break

Hmmm, ramai juga orang visit blog ni, therefore, bagi menghargai mereka yang datang visit, saya perlu updatelah!

I have been very busy this week. The usual work is there, also meetings, but since I am going to China next week, the work simply doubled up.

The existing work + work that you need to leave + wrk that you are bringing to Chinea..haaaa...

Tolong doakan saya sihat, mental dan fizikal untuk menyempurnakan semua ini, insya allah.

Hari ini saja, saya ke sana ke sini, sudah pukul 12.00 tengahari. Masuk bilik, seaneka jenis fail diletakkan di atas meja saya. Hmmmm...bertenang.

Bercakap tentang bertenang, I would like to share my experience last night with all of you. I brought back 10 files to be cleared. I started to look at the file at 9.45 and I was doing it in front of tv while wathching cina elisya and fifi fairus fuiyo. After sometimes, I lost focus and could not continue. I decided to take a break and check my facebook.

After that, I decided to play angry birds..I could not stop, really. I finally forced myself to stop at 12.00 and decided to retire for the day.

Before retiring, I decided to glance through the files one more time but the funny thing was that, once I started, I could not stop. I was focused and finished clearing by 12.45...hmmm, that is why you need a break. Do not force yourself if you are really tired because it is just a waste of time. Take a break! Your body and mind needs it, listen to them!

okay, chow chin chow


  1. HAHA , Ima pun tgk fifi fairuz fuyoo ..
    kelakar =D

  2. have a pleasant and fruitful trip.

  3. bagusnyaa .. macam dirancang pulak ,