Saturday, November 12, 2011

Minyak Angin dan Evening Primrose

It's Saturday morning and raining..heaven...

tapi ye lah, sebab memang biasa bangun awal, tak boleh lah sambung tidur lama sangat. Hubby pulak, pagi-pagi lagi dah lapar dan keluar pergi cari, that's how our day started.

Hubby asked whether I could sleep or not last night. I asked him why he asked and he said I was restless the whole night, and due to that, he could not sleep either.

I asked him he did not do the usual method to calm me down i.e. to lock (kunci) so that I could not move and will become more relax.

He said he did, but he can handle it only for a little while, once we dozed off  and he lost his grip, I will become restless again. Ha ha, it is sure not easy to become my husband, I can sometimes act like a baby.

I never realised that I can become so restless because I was always sleep alone. No doubt there's mood swing during my menstrual but I did not realise that it effected my sleep. When I woke up this morning, I realised that my eye bags were more visual and my body was stiff, I could not bend my body, hmmm, I must be getting old.

What could be the reason of this restlessness?

1) I am having my period and I have forgotten to take my EPO last night, minyak angin je sapu

2) stress kerja, I have a lot to learn within this one week period and I feel like bursting.

3) Kakak saya nak buat kenduri, and although I am trying hard not to interfere, down deep inside I am very worry of the whole updates at all till now.

4) I am not well? ada sakit apa-apa ke?...haaa, risau?

hmmm, as for now, I pick no 1 as the contributing factor. I have swallowed my EPO and decided to tak a rest after this. I have a lot of thing to do after need to relax cikbib, your body and mind deserve kind to them.

okies ladies/gentlemen, have a nice weekend. Be kind to yourself, please make them happy.

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