Friday, July 22, 2011


I am feeling extremely tired nowadays. I looked forward for my night sleep everyday and the moment I woke up from sleep, work was always on my mind. My dream was on work, my officers and my superiors. This is certainly not the kind of life that I would want to lead for the rest of my life.

On my journey to work this morning, I pray for Allah's help. Please Allah, let me be strong. Let me have the physical strength to face all this hurdles. Let me have a clear mind, let me be able to think and be able to solve problems ahead. And, no matter how complicated the problem is, please let me be calm, and please let my brain work and please let my brain transfer the message to my mouth so that I will be able to put it forward with my words

Haaa...itu doa yang suci murni kan?

The funny thing is, right after I recited the doa', I turned on the radio and immediately this song from Maher Zain was on air (the Malay version): 'Insya allah, insya allah, insya allah ada jalannya'...and for the first time, the lyrics was sort of like talking to me..yeah, 'relax cikbib, insya allah, ada penyelesaian untuk semua benda, have faith..."  eiii...

But I feel released after that. I felt as if I was consoled. Lega....hmm, have faith, life goes on, and yes there are hurdles, but I choose not to be stucked anywhere. I choose to move forward, and I choose to be happy? Boleh cikbib? Cikbib bole...hoyeee

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