Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Sunday night and yeah, I have not been updating my blog lately.

I was not feeling well. I felt so weak and I can feel that my body really requested some rest. I wanted to take leave, but could not. I decided to go on working but went back early and the moment I arrived home, I hit the pillow and went to the other world. Alhamdulillah cuti la buat perangai macam itu.

I usually woke up a little later to take my bath and continue sleeping after that. Another thing, I used those foot patch which I think really worked...I felt better the next day.

Dah berumur sikit kan, overweight sikit pulak tu, so I better take care of myself.

Actually there are issues that are bothering my mind lately, but I must stay strong and do not mix job and personal matters if I want to live longer, ha ha...semoga semuanya akan berakhir dengan cara yang terbaik dalam jangkamasa yang terdekat ini...good nite guys... and I will continue writing after this, don't worry.

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