Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Saturday

Hubby and I went for a wedding at Pulau Indah today. I have never been to Pulau Indah before, so, this is the first time for both of us. Pulau Indah was actually a pulau, but since the bridge connecting the pulau and tanah besar was built, Pulau Indah seems to be very near and part of the tanah besar already.

Since we attended the kenduri, lunch was taken care of, so, no cooking for today.

As for tomorrow, most probably we will do some marketing and hubby requested gulai ketam for one of the menu...ha ha, no problemo.

As for me, I just want to tidy up/clean the house and have a good rest to save up more energy for next week...kerja banyak menanti.

I wanted to post some pictures today, tapi lepas tu, malas la pulak. But lately the performance of our PI max has improved and the time taken to upload photos become, gunakanlah PI.

okay, itu sahajalah dulu..maybe I could think of something interesting tomorrow.

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