Saturday, July 2, 2011

Are you romantic?

I have drafted this quite a long time ago after listening to hot fm while driving to work. The issue was whether you are a romantic person or not. I kind of wondering whether I am a romantic person myself, let me do some survey on myself here.

I have to agree with Faizal Ismail (hot fm dj) that being romantic is a very subjective matter. He considers himself as romantic because he calls his wife every morning after he finishes his morning session,  brings breakfast (tapau) from home and he will go back for lunch and ...hmmm, I do think that is romantic, because it shows that he appreciates what his wife does. 

As for me, I really don't know. I think I always would want my husband to be romantic but as I am writing here, I just could not find my romantic side yet, hmmm let me think.

Am I romantic? Yes, I do practise all those hugs and kisses before I leave home for office (kalu tak perang la)...but then, most of the time, I'll be doing it to a half asleep person whom sometimes just wish that I would not interrupt his second round after subuh sleep.

Presents?..I believe I have given many presents although it was never wrapped properly. I think it is necessary to give a present sometimes, a proper one I think...yup, this one is missing for this one, I have given up since the one sent was never replied. Merajuk!!

masak? Yup...whenever possible

buat air? yup..he he, walaupun kadang-kadang mulut ngomel-ngomel gak sebab asyik-asyik nak minum air berperisa kan, minumla air masak kadang-kadang...

siapkan baju suami untuk pergi kerja?...this one I did for the first two years of my marriage, after that ....he he, rahsia

kemas rumah?..yup..I do feel happier if the house is neat. So does hubby, so, it just comes naturally.

so far I look so not romantic kan?..but I do love to watch movies about love, in fact last Sunday alone I watched 3 HBO movies, all love stories..after watching I was so puas hati, macam best.

I love stories about love/romance/life. I love strories which I can understand, the one which I can relate to the characters, to feel, to cry and laugh with them. I love to watch the handsome guys like Robert Redford, Bruce Willis, Richard Gere and even the younger ones like Keanu Reeves. Hmm...does that make me a romantic person?...Not yet

Hmm, how about dressing? Ha ha ha, this one, isk, hard to say man since I am a simple person and most of the time I choose something comfortable especially at home, t-shirt, t-shirt, t-shirt...he he frilly/sexy whateva...nope... hair is short and straight which means it will still look okay even if I do not comb it for one month...easy maintenance

I have to work harder, there must be something that indicate me as a romantic person...

feelings?...hmmm...feelings, nothing more than feelings, trying to forget my, feeling of love...kalau feelings ni mesti ada shahdu-shahdu sikit kan?... I know I would love to be disyahdukan, but am I a shahdu person?

suara/percakapan : Shuk said I sound so sweet and young in the telephone...but I look so big and frightening outside..kah kah lagi...but at least I do not yell...most of the time? sometimes tu adalah jugak....betul?

Though my big eyes are a little bit scary...hua hua hua.

I feel like crying now, after evaluating myself..where is my romantic side? I wonder

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