Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Closure

It is 31 December 2014, 10.12 pm.

Yes, I am back from Ipoh, but sorry, I was not in the mood to write, and due to that, there was no post.

I was on leave today because I was not feeling well and decided to take some rest today. But somehow it just turned out to be a busy day. I went for my morning walk, went to the tailor shop and went out to get something done with my sister.

When I arrived home, it was already 6.00 o'clock in the evening...and somehow, even though we did not plan it, we had sate at Syed Restaurant, just like last year where we had satay at Satay Station. Dah jadi macam budaya pulak makan sate at new year's eve.

And what can I say about 2014? 

I must say that it started off with a lot of tears. Yeah, I was still sad with what happened to Imran kan. Tapi pelan pelan, saya telah mengatasi kesedihan itu. Dan, alhamdulillah, memang ada improvement dengan mata Imran dan doa kami semoga sentiasa ada improvement untuk mata Imran dan semoga ada rezeki Imran untuk melihat bumi ciptaan Allah ini. Aamiin.

But of course there were good memories. We went to Bali, and alhamdulillah we got to go to Hong Kong. Andd, the most important thing is that, we had fun when we were there.

There were also surprises. One of them was the fact that once I was back from Bali, I realised that the number of visitors of this blog increased drastically. And yeah, of course I know why and I would like to welcome all my new readers.

I have also faced some really confusing challenges. It is really confusing and the only way to solve it is get out run far far away...hiks. But there must be a reason why Allah put me in this situation kan? So, have faith and I pray that this problem will be solved soon.

I learned a lot this year and I hope I am a better person now/

And on overall, rasanya ada banyak benda yang lebih menggembirakan daripada yang menyedihkan. Dan saya sangat bersyukur.

Untuk tahun 2015, saya berdoa semoga kita semua dikurniakan kesihatan fizikal dan mental. Semoga kita akan menjadi insan yang lebih baik dan semoga saya akan rajin balik untuk menulis blog ini.

See you in 2015.

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