Monday, December 22, 2014

Mode : Waiting

I am waiting for my Tokbomo.

We will be going to Ipoh together since I have a 2 days programme and he has got his own.

You can't help feeling restless while waiting right?

So, that is what I am feeling now.

And sorry guys for not updating this blog for quite sometimes.

I have been occupied. My boss was not around and during weekends, there will be kenduri. I don't mind though since I do love to attend kenduris.

And, it rains almost everyday kan? But I do enjoy the coolness, hiks. But there's some challenge to dry your cloth after washing.

I am trying to think of what to write but could not. Tolong doakan semoga program di Ipoh akan berjalan dengan jayanye..insyaa allah.

See you after I get back from Ipoh...byeee

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