Sunday, November 11, 2012

To proceed or not

I am about to complete my 1 month swimming class.

How do I progress? Ntah la, rasa nak give up ada. Macam sangatlah mencabar kan...

On Sunday morning, when I was doing my warming up before the class started, I decided to call it a quit la, after this one month session finish. Yuppp....I thought that was the best thing to do.

While I was practising my breast stroke, the teacher asked me to go to the pool inside...yeah the deeper one, Olympic punya standard.

And I was like..OMG...again....dislike!!!

I have already tried the pool the day before and it was really scary. Your legs are hanging because the pool is too deep, therefore you must always hold on to the wall, to make sure that you are safe, ha ha.

We were asked to familiarised ourselves and was asked to do our breast stroke there, with the help of the noodle (macam pelampung la).

And you know what, I failed. I could not even float myself...haih....

So, to be asked to use the pool inside again is not a happy news for me. Adoiiii.

Just like yesterday, I make sure I am very near the wall. Done some breathing exercise and was again asked to do my breast stroke with the assistance of the board...yikes.

I could not do it, really!

The cikgu realised that I was scared. She asked me to relax first and ask me to float and glide, without the assistance of the board...alhamdulillah, I did dengan jayanya. After that, she asked me to do the complete breast stroke exercise...yeow...alhamdulillah...jadi lah juga...Jauh la juga saya berenang.

Hmmm...agaknya kalau saya pergi lagi minggu depan, mungkin saya akan pandai kan...tu lah, bila saya kata kat cikgu tu saya dah give up, dia kata, jangan give up...kena try lagi.

Sekarang ni...saya tengah fikir lagi, nak give up ke, nak teruskan?...hmmmmm

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