Sunday, November 25, 2012

The weekend has again ended

Lamanya saya tak update blog ni...sorry. I have been busy and no doubt the existence of my new Samsung Notes II has limited  the urge to use the laptop and update this blog...sorry.

It's Sunday today and tomorrow I got to work. Last week, my boss and Sham left me for almost the whole week to handle the Division alone. Next week, boss will be off to Bangkok together with my important officer, NH...hmmm....but after that, insya allah I'll be off to Penang, yahoooooooo. Huh, I simply love going off for a is what keeps me going.

Lately I was not very happy with work. I felt weak and could not cope with the challenges. Really. Many of my officers were not around including my boss and Sham. There were so many outstanding  applications, reports etc. And of course, when this happened, I wish I am a rich person, who do not have to work, owned a bungalow with swimming pool, able to travel everywhere, healthy and happy with that too much to ask? ha ha ha I have to work all over again, convince myself that this is what is best for me, stay strong, stay positive, all the outstanding tasks..there must be a way to handle/clear them....hmmm...doa cikbib doa.

Hari ni pun, saya ada bawa kerja balik, ada report yang perlu di lunaskan...banyak sebenarnya, saya rasa, kerja saya ni sepatutnya di buat oleh 2 orang DD, serious.

Okay lah...enough with my not so cheerful story, I hope for a more productive week ahead, insya allah.

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