Sunday, November 11, 2012

Next Week Comin!

Now is Sunday, 10.00 pm. Yup, the weekend is almost over, but for the first time I really look forward for next week, yeah, banyak cutinya dong, mana tidak saya gembira.

As for the weekend, nothing extraordinary happened. Ouch...I did not tidy up the house, plan to do so next Tuesday.

I cooked on Saturday and Sunday. Yup, received Tomyam paste from Amway recently, and got really excited to try. While cooking, I realised that it is not as per my expectation, but served it anyway, with hope that hubby may like it. But hubby commented that my usual tomyam  tasted better...and I could not agree more. I have another two sachet of the tomyam paste, and I am not sure of what am I going to do with it.

To complement the tomyam, there were also sambal udang petai, leftovers from the day before and telor dadar. Yuppp....berselera saja kami makan. As for today, again there was telor dadar, and I fried the prawns with oyster sauce, cabai burung and serai...masakan orang malas...but hubby loves it.

As for tonight, since we have been spending the days at home, we decided to have dinner outside, at Kedai Kopi Shah Alam. Rasanya orang kedai tu memang dah kenai kami dah sekarang, ye lah, dalam seminggu, tak sekali, dua kali kami pergi situ...kalau nak entertain orang pun, kami selalu bawak ke kedai tuh...hiks.

Anyway, I have ordered white coffee with garlic bread while hubby ordered nescafe, nasi goreng Melayu with rojak buah...hmmmm

Since dah lama tak letak gambar saya letak lak gambar abang misai saya ni kat sini. Waktu ni, the nasi goreng has not arrived yet.

heeeee....lepas ni, saya nak habiskan fail fail yang saya bawa tu, insya allah. Saya juga nak tengok report yang NH buat, kena finalise kan esok sebab lepas ni NH nak pergi Bangkok, bergumbira.

Okay lah...itu saja dulu...enjoy next week guys...

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