Monday, November 30, 2009

Mee Udang Kuala Sepetang

Since the story about Mak Jah's prawn noodles appeared in TV3, I have always wanted to go and try the food myself. Though the idea was brought forward to Shuk several times, it was always being shoved away , for me Shuk just think that it is not important. But yesterday (Sunday, 29 November 2009), Shuk has finally decided to take me there (by suprise, since I was not so familiar on the jalan)..hmmm...

We were alerted earlier on the poor service . Knowing this, Shuk and I have brought along our newspaper so that we could fill the waiting time reading. We were also informed that the soup/gravy is not that tasty, but they do serve fresh prawns, well, let's see...

The moment we reached the place and took our seat, the waiter came. We decided to order one special mee udang which cost us RM11 (mee udang biasa RM7). Shuk was having headache and decided not to eat.

Once we ordered, another waiter came in less than 5 minutes to deliver the mee...waa...very fast

and..the taste..walaaa...delicious! One thing for sure, the prawns were fresh! There were 7 big prawns in my bowl..I think next time I will order the mee udang biasa only since I cannot take too many prawns in one go. Too much for me.

And, if you ask me whether you should go and try?..Yup, do go...we plan to go again one day...

By the way, for those who have no idea where Kuala Sepetang is, it is located approximately 12 km from Taiping...chow dulu