Monday, November 23, 2009

Kisah seorang yang kuat makan & iman kulit bawang

Today, I was awakened by this song sung by the Independence Group Hujan (aku scandal) at 5.15. a.m. I have always find Hujan's Songs very...I am not sure how to put it into words, but the sad lyrics combined with the very energetic music seems sooo...unappropriate and really funny

If you are to watch them perform, listen to the introduction music...whoaaa...they are good man, and you can feel the energy, thenn, Noh will start singing...aduhhh!! His voice is soooo...'I really don't know what to say' and Shuk and I just cannot help laughing...the lyrics is funny too...they try to sound 'puitis' but maybe due their lack of experience or knowledge in writing lyrics, they ended with some very harubiru story...yet, the younger generations adores them!

anyway, since the impact of this song kelakar, do use it as your alarm. he works for me anyway

Let's get back to my original story, the reason why I woke up early was to take sahur. I planned to fast today.

Unfortunately, due to some unforseen circumstrances i.e. a friend has brought a big tupperware of karipap, I decided to breakfast early, at 8.30 in the morning...hua hua hua

I even went down to my old division and join them for breakfast (eat roti and tumis ikan bilis/serunding) I know how the fat accumulated around my body, please pray that I will insaf and eat less, please!


  1. isnin,kkhamis posa,, InsyALLAH,,,,

  2. hahhaa, cik bib,
    lirik hujan haru biru?
    thats what make them so special :)

    saya habis spm nanti memang makan je la duk rumah.