Thursday, November 5, 2009

ulat bulu

Shuk & I went back for our monthly visit to opah's house last weekend.

We were informed that there's a wedding reception at Abang Kodon's house, so, why not, we decided to go.
On our way to the kenduri's house, we stopped by at Cikgu Taufik's house and saw this green ulat just got me excited so I decided to take a few pictures of it.

Oh, about the kenduri...mmm, food was good but this time we spent only a short time there, tired lah sebab baru sampai.
But kakak was having a good time, well, her good old friends like Faizan & Faizah were for Shuk, unfortunately, Mohd Noor Manuti was not for me, I was friendless..hua hua hua

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