Monday, November 16, 2009

Old Promise

Despite of her old age, my mother loves to travel. She has been wanting to visit JB many-many times. I have not really make any promise that I will take her there but I did make a little wish that if I were to have a bigger car (I was driving a Kancil then), I will take her to JB.

Hmmm, now almost 5 years has past (after I bought my black WIRA), and yet...I never had the chance to take my mother to JB...

I have actually told Shuk about my wish before we got married and he fully believes something like that must be fulfilled (provided if you have the time, money etc.), especially if it is something that concerns your mother. We have jokingly raised this matter during our conversation with Kakak and Abang Hatta a few months back, and last week, I received a call from Abang Hatta to confirm that yes, if everything goes on as planned, we will be going to Johore on 23 Decemeber 2009, Insya allah.

We will be spending 2 nights at Desaru, which is approximately 100 km from JB. On the way back, we will spend one night at Malacca. I hope everything will turn out as planned and I pray that there will be less rain...insya allah.

Of course report on the rest of the journey will be posted later...ada saper-saper mahu ikut? There will be satu tempat kosong (teman Opah!)

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