Monday, November 16, 2009

rumah cikbib

Ok, these are pictures of the house I live in now with Shuk..this blog is actually dedicated to Anis, who has never been to the house. Cikbib hope you like it.

The picture above was taken to capture the roman blind for the kitchen window..he he...langsir je cantik rumah ni
This is the dining hall. We maintained the old dining set. You can also see the Ikea table lamp at the corner. The lamp was given by Mek Yah for my wedding.
Living hall..he he, this time the theme colour is yellow..a little colour..
The hall again, from another angel
This is the house from outside. That is cikbib's new car Anis (in case you don't know). We have two cars now, the black wira and pesona.

For those who has visited my house, you can simply skip this post guys...he he

The pictures were actually taken shortly after we moved therefore it's a little messy. We have done some touch ups and it looks a little bit better now. Do come over whenever you have the time kakak..see ya


  1. ambik le gambar terbaru, kan dah ada imrpovement lagi...anyway, macam boleh masuk dalam anjung seri aje....

  2. he he, masuk anjung seri...hebatt!!