Monday, November 16, 2009


Baru-baru ini, 11.11.2009, genap 29 tahun ayahanda saya meninggalkan saya. I was ten years old when ayah passed away. Now I am almost 40 years old.

I remember Mek Yah was not around when Ayah passed away, she was on her way to Chemor for school break from JB. She was taking the 'keretapi mel' which took her almost 24 hours from JB to Chemor. There must be a reason why it happened that way but I just cannot imagine if I were in Diah's miss the last moment with your dear father.

I was very young then but the moment I remember most was the time when ayah's body was to be taken to the cemetery. I remember standing at the window facing the stairs (the one with the palang besi) and thinking that I will never see him again, ever. I cried.....

After that, during the school holidays, we spent our nights reading the quran. My father is/was lucky to have many children and a strict wife. Emak has monitored us and made sure that we never missed to read the surah yassin every night.

huh...29 years is a very long time, Al-fatihah. Semoga semua dosa ayah diampuni dan rohnya dimasukkan ke dalam golongan mereka yang mendapat balasan yang baik. Ameen.


  1. yes, i missed those last moments...hmmm.

  2. I admire Opah's strength and perseverance in raising 8 children :).