Friday, March 27, 2009

Langkawi Trip - 2

Langkawi trip part 2 : I just have this urge to update my blog today, here I am.

We checked out from our Hotel (LPP) at around 9.00 am. We went for breakfast and headed off to Gunung Mat Cincang.

We did stop at two shops selling Gamat products though. A short visit became a long one since Abang Hatta, Kakak and Opah befriended the shop owner and had a political chat...then they got discount, so I guess it was worth it.

The journey continued and during the journey Kakak was having this doubt on whether or not to take the cable write. I prayed she would and yes, my prayer was granted, alhamdulillah.

All of us went for the cable ride and it was a lot of fun!!

The weather was soooo hot. Once we came back we stopped at the cenderamata shop where opah bought almost 5 fridge magnet. While waiting, Shuk, Fatihah, Ifwat and me bought some ice cream and rojak buah. Then we decided to visiti the deers and after that we finally decided to go for lunch.

We found out that the aircond, the one at the back of the van we rent was not working and due to this, the two chilren who sat at the back of the van, Tiha & Ifwat were suffering...he he...I heard Ifwat was telling Fatiha that he would want to go straight to sleep once we reached the hotel, he must be damn tired.

We ate at the same place for lunch, Shuk ordered the same ais kacang. We have ordered the same ikan bakar. Fatiha must be really tired that she refused to eat (strange??). Even Ifwat could not finish his share (even stranger?)..he he . After that we went to search for TNB bungalow which is located at Pantai Tengah.

We love the TNB Bungalow. It is located near the sea and is spacious. Once we reached the place and settled down, the adults all decided to take a nap...

At around 4.30 pm I woke up and found that the house was in complete silence. I assume that everybody is asleep (shuk was sleeping at the balcony). About 5.00 o'clock kakak woke up and asked where's Fatiha...I thought she's sleeping with you...jeng jeng, apparently both Fatiha and Ifwat were missing.

I woke Shuk up and asked whether he has seen the children..but no, he was fast asleep himself.

We were a little panic but we are pretty sure they went to the beach and therefore all of us decided to go to the beach (except opah, she was still sleeping). Ifwat and Fatiha were at the beach...there were not so many people so we decided to join them and yes, we had a lot of fun.

We went back to the bungalow and around 7.00 and it was raining...I was so happy to be able to mandi laut and mandi hujan at the same time.

At night for dinner at around 9.00. Since Ifwat and Fatiha requested for chicken chop, we went around for a stall that sell chicken chop.

Apparently after dinner, everybody was tired and decided to retire early for the night except the two children. I have no idea what they were doing but when I woke up for my subuh prayer the next morning, both were sleeping on the sofas...

Everybody went for another round of mandi laut the next morning except for Shuk and I..we continue sleeping. We checked out at around 11 since we booked the 12.30 ferry.

Our plan to do some shopping at the jetty was limited to less than half an hour session since we only reached the jetty at around 11.45. I bought some chocolates for Mek Yah and Shuk bought some for her adik.

Everyone was quite during the ferry ride. I was feeling rather sad since the holiday is going to end....

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