Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm back

Hullo guys..I have been away for more than a week but today I'm back. I was quite surprised (or maybe thankful is more appropriate) when I found out there are very few outstanding tasks for me, but then, I was still very busy and did not have a chance to update my blog. But still, I managed to visit Malena's, Maisarah's, Imaan's and Ainaa's seems that all has been updated while I was away, keep up the good work

As for me, today is the first day that I'm driving again to work after 3 years. It was not bad but different..I enjoyed it anyway.

I will try to write something about my trip to Kedah & Langkawi later, also on the outing I had together with Mek Yah and the children...I have to log off for now.

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