Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Holidays...

I shall be on leave from tomorrow till 20th March 2009. I shall only be back on 23 March 2009...I am soo happy.

Anas Fikri (Kak Cik's son) has actually responded to my blog and for that I would like to thank him, I really appreciate it. He has also left some comments on Imaan's blog. Anas said, since everybody have their own blog now, it is high time for him to have one himeself and I could not agree more..because Anas, only then we can call ourselves bloggers..hua hua hua

As for me, I do think that having this blog helps me to improve my English..I start to think in English. As much as I could I would try to write in full English because I realise that when we speak, we tend to use BM whenever we are running out of English words he he he,...and as for my BM, I will try to use a proper one..if not perfect.

I have read this one article in the Sun yesterday and I would like to share this statement : 'Language allows a person to formulate thoughts and generate ideas and then put them into action, either in speaking or writing. A person who does not know the language is therefore unable to think clearly because he or she does not have the tools (the words, grammar, sentence structure, etc) to originate thought. Naturally, not knowing the language sufficiently makes a person a poor communicator who will be unable to truly succeed in school, at work, or in personal life', Dear Anas and all my other nieces & nephews..have your own blog, start to formulate your thoughts and practice to put it across.....


  1. best ke cik bib ada blog?...........,sorry because i dont know what to comment..............,anyway,,bye.see you next week

  2. what are you doing cik bib..........?.sorry because i didn't open my blog for a long time.ok bye see you next week

  3. hey cik bib?
    what about our plan tomorrow?
    jadii kaa?


    and, maisarah, if you are reading this, do visit my blog yah. url:

  4. Anas told me too that he want a blog . acik bib why didnt you follow mama go to KLCC. Oh i know , you sent kak thira to KAJANG right.. oklah . Please comment my blog too yehhhh bye .. I forgot about your bithday .. nanti insysaallh , saya belikan acik bib some hadiah kkkkkkkkkkkkk.....

  5. sorry acik bib insyaAllah not insyaallh

  6. la,
    baru saya tau.
    its pronounced ckibibcomel,
    i ingat cikbib come(come as in datang in english)


  7. Thank you guys for your response...baru lah rasa bermaya sikit, I have just got back and will update this blog once I have the the way Ainaa, I cannot find the toy in my car, check with Imaan if she have it with her..byeee