Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's the month of March...

Hello March...soo many things happened in March...

1 March..the day Yong passed away (al-fatihah)

7 March besday was it celebrated?..Shuk wished me Happy Birthday the moment I opened my eyes, thank you Shuk..itu je ke..tak de hadiah?..he he he..better late than never babe, still waiting...

The first SMS I received was from Mak Cik sweet of her..she got to know my birthday from my facebook lah..I got to find her birthday la plak lepas ni.

We planned to have high tea at Concorde Hotel. Shuk has made reservation but better thing happened, he he, Kak Cik & Abang Radhi came to visit us...well, they came, solat zuhur, have some drink and cake and chow...abang radhi was driving an Audi car..if only Kak Cik could drive..

So, since it was too late to go to Concorde Shuk suggested that we go to Serai in Section 4. Unfortunately even Serai was closed for lunch and will only open again at 6.00..sooo...what else..we went to Viccuda laa...we ordered Siakap 3 rasa and sup sayur..since we were hungry and it was almost four o'clock, we finished up la la..kenyang betul, sampai tak larat pergi TESCO after that.

8 March - Mati-mati I ingat hari ni Birthday Faiz...rupa2 nya esok..anyway, I wished him happy birthday (in advance) and he wished me happy belated birthday..I let him know that I hope he would be able to join us on our trip to Langkawi...he said he'll think about it.

9 March - it was a holiday (maulidurrasul). I went to PKNS and bought a new pair of baju.

10 March - it was a busy day, and I felt so tired during the night and felt asleep before 10

11 March - my 3rd annivessary...sudah tiga tahun kawin looo..

14 March - Fizah's wedding

15 March - Kak Cik's & Ecah's birthday....

26 March - Shuk's birthday...

did I forget anything else..if I did, let me know

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