Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Langkawi Trip -1

These pictures were taken at Kuala Kedah Jetty and during our ferry ride. The picture if Ifwat and snakes was taken at the aquarium

This is the first part of my report to Langkawi, I have to break it into parts since I could only write during my free time i.e. when boss is not around? he he no, during lunch time.

We decided to leave for Sungai Petani on Sunday evening after sending Ecah and the girls plus Ziyad to the Bus Station at Medan Gopeng. We met kakak & family at her house and headed to a stall and had dinner. We have only reached Abang's house at around 1 am and we were still tired (from Fizah's wedding and all), we decided to hit the bed almost immediately.

The next morning we started off at around 9a.m. and reached Kuala Kedah approximately one hour after that. We booked the 11.30 ferry and reached Langkawi at 1.30 p.m. We booked a van and went to search for LPPs Training Centre. We checked in, went to refresh ourselves, solat and went out again to get something for lunch..we were so hungry but we should be thankful that Kak Nah has prepared a heavy breakfast (nasi lemak)earlier.

We finally had lunch at 4.00 o'clock and it was among the best meal that I've ever had since I was sooo hungry. We only had some sayur and ikan bakar..but we ate heartily. After that we went to the Aquarium which is located opposite the food stall.

Well, the children (Tiha & Ifwat)really enjoyed themselves. Ifwat had even decided to take picture with the snakes (ulaq sawa, dua ekoq)..when the picture was taken, the adults have all scampered, running everywhere as long as we can get far from the reptilias. HUH..Congratulations Ifwat, you have overcome your fear which is not an easy thing to do.

Since it was already after seven when we finally finished touring the aquarium (almost 40 minutes was spent at the souveniers shop)we decided to go back to the hotel first, bath, rest and solat.

After Maghrib we headed to Kuah town for some shopping. We bought kain batik, t-shirt, chocolate and correlle (kakak beli satu, gue beli satu gak). The van is already full..he he...

After that we went around to find a place to eat. We had dinner and headed back to the hotel to get some rest.


  1. i wish i was there.

    plan la one trip where all our family turut serta.

    baru gempak habis.

  2. hmm, actually I am planning I could go to Taman Negara, but I'm not sure whether that will suit you & your family (no nice hotel and all)...tapi rasanya interesting kan? My friend said even for breakfast they have to take a boat ride..

  3. acik bib kalau saya ada kat sana kan best sikit kan dgn fatihah and ifuat ........