Monday, April 6, 2009

The Wedding

I have never actually enjoyed any wedding event before my own wedding day. Only at the age of 36 I realised how enjoyable and important a wedding should be. Everybody will be around doing activities together. Kenduri held in our side of family should be more fun since we have less thing to do. Everything is being outsourced and the only thing that we need to do is simply sit and do little and enjoyable things like preparing the room, door gifts etc.

Eversince my wedding I have been looking forward for my nieces' & nephews' wedding. I look forward to attend the engagement day, or the day where all of us would go and pinang anak dara orang lain...I have attended one on my husband side and have always looking forward for my side to happen...

I have imagined giving assistance in anything like choosing the cadar, bunga telur etc and I guess finally it has happenned recently, in it's very own way.

I must congratulate Kakak, Abang Hatta and of course Abang Hatta's family to make the event smooth and 'memorable' one. Except for the weather (how could we control this)...everything went as planned and I must say Fizah look extremely happy ... Fatihah and twins are as cheerful as ever but unfortunately Ari was not around...(cian Ari...)

During the kenduri I have really lost my strength to avoid food.. everything was delicious, the gulai nenas,sambal belacan, ikan masin, ayam bakar & the delicious kuah asam, rendang tok and not forgetting the dessert...he he he...mek yah pun makan banyak gak kan? I still remember the taste of the black coffee during the night...

And...for my other nieces & case you don't know, your acik bib here is really looking forward for the day of your wedding...let us meet again in...maybe Anis's...yes!

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