Monday, December 5, 2016

5 December 2016


How is your Monday people? I am okay here, feeling fresh after having a lot of rest yesterday. Yup, yesterday was a lazy day and was spend lying around watching tv. 

This week we are going to have two teams coming from HQ, meaning we will be quite busy. This time, we have to arrange for dinners with stakeholders, of which some group would choose not to.

After the visit, I will be flying to KL on Thursday night because I have a meeting to attend on Friday morning. I will fly back to KK on Friday afternoon. Let's pray that everything will go on smoothly.

Ah, how was my weekend? Hah, nothing much actually. On Saturday I woke up early, and went for my morning walk. I climbed one of the hill which is located near my current house. I was wishing that there will be a proper place to exercise, like a proper trail for me to go round the hill. There's none though, but I could enjoy the sunrise from top of the hill. I was also very curious and climbed to the other side of the hill and found a cemetery. Since I wouldn't dare to go down using the same trail I climbed which was slippery, I decided to go down the stairs at the cemetery. Alhamdulillah selamat.

I ended up on the opposite side of the hill and walked back to my house. Bila sampai, I buat aktiviti mencangkul sikit, mandi dan baring depan tv,  terus tidur sebab malam sebelumnya saya tidur jam 2.30 pagi, tengok you tube.

On Sunday, at first I thought of going for my morning walk at Perdana Park, but I was just feeling lazy. That's when my movie marathon starts. It was fun anyway.

Oklah people, saya ada meeting lepas ini dan dalam jam 11.30 akan ke KKIA. Selamat bekerja semua. Bubaiii

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