Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Random, 6 September 2016


Kabare? I hope everyone is well. 

I am well but is on my water treatment session again. 

I have also received news from back home (Chemor) on Saturday where my Emak has accidentally skidded and fell. It may not be a serious thing for a 17 year old girl to fall but since my Emak is already 82 years old, we were all very worried.

But I managed to talk to her this morning and she is recovering. But she admitted that it was quite a fall but with god willing, the effect is not so bad, alhamdulillah. Get well soon Emak!

For your information, on 27 August, we had an event in KK with the presence of YBM. As always, in each visit, there will be a session where all of us (Head of Agencies under YBM Ministry) have to brief him on activities that we have carried out. There will also be a QnA session of which sometimes can be very challenging especially when I was new in Sabah .

This is the 3rd time YBM visited Sabah and so far we managed to have answers to all questions asked, but that could not stopped all of us from having butterflies in our stomach the whole week before the event. It was so stressful.

Once the event was over, I was so happy and felt like I was free to do everything. I felt like going out of the house, go bowling or eat durians.

And I think the best of all was the fact that I was able to have to a good night sleep after a whole week of sleepless night.

Unfortunately hubby could not understand what I have gone through. When I was telling him that I was so stressful, he just said "Ye ke? Saya tengok Cikbib ok aje".

Soo...usah harap lah nak dimanja-manjakan lepas event tu sebab suami memang tidak faham dengan apa yang saya alami.

Hey, I am sure all of you heard about Fara Fauzana's announcement on cancellation of her wedding. I am so sorry to hear the news but rest assured, Allah must have better plan for her. 

I guess that will be my ramblings for today. Hubby and I will not be going back for eid ul adha. We will be celebrating in KK and if there's something interesting to talk about I will share it with all of you later.

Okay...see you in my next post...

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