Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mata Ikan


It is the last day of working day of the week, yeah, it's Friday. 

Both of us started our day lazily (as always), but alhamdulillah, we did not miss our subuh prayer. Mr husband promised me that tomorrow, we can choose to stay in bed longer if we want to.

When I looked into the mirror this morning, I could see that my lower lip has become a little thicker because of the small ulcer I have in my mouth. Somehow I kind of like the look because my lips become fuller, he he he. But of course I dislike the ulcer and decided to gargle with salt water. I have tried it before, and it works.

I am not sure why but I realised that I am the kind of person who has  to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Drinking less means that small small ulcers will grow in my mouth. But the same thing does not apply with hubby because he drinks less plain water but a lot of nescafe and ulcers in the mouth is not a problem to him. Our body must work differently I think.

I do drink a lot daily but there were times when I drink less especially when I know there's no proper toilet at the place where I am going/staying. Recently, I simply decided to drink less because I travel and I try to avoid going to the plane's toilet and as a result of that, these small ulcer appeared again in my mouth on Wednesday. 

 I am on my water therapy now where I drink a glass of water every hour. Insyaa allah, it will work.

I better stop and get back to work. Have a good weekend tomorrow!

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