Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back in KK - 18 August 2016


I must say that since I haven't been writing for quite sometimes, I just don't know how to start.

Maybe I should start by telling you guys that I am now back in KK (we arrived at 8.15 pm, Monday, 15 August). I have started working on Tuesday (16 August 2016) and since I have left office for more than one week, my first day at work was a busy one.

Beside the usual daily work, we have visitors coming this week and some important visitors next week, therefore we are busy with preparations. Please pray that everything will go smoothly and ends well, insyaa allah.

There are pending Raya 2016 stories which I haven't got the chance to post yet and of course there would be stories from my long leave last week on weddings and all. Maybe I could just summarize some of it so that I do not have to spend too much time on each post, we'll see.

I am also very sure that many of you are glued to the tv watching Olympic Games right? How I wish I could take leave during this Olympic season.

Well, let me stop here first since I have work to do. See you on my next post...

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