Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tahun Lompat, 29 February 2016


Okay, hari ini sudah 3 Mac 2016 sebenarnya...sudah terlambat. Sebenarnya suami saya ada pesan suruh saya buat satu post khas pada 29 February 2016, ye lah, bukan selalu kita boleh melalui tarikh 29 Februari ni. Malangnya, saya tidak berkesempatan untuk membuat post pada tarikh tersebut.

Anyway, 29 February 2016 went well for me. I woke up a little bit late though therefore we had roticanai breakfast at Tokmi instead of food from home. There was also meeting with lunch in the afternoon and when I finally at home, I was informed that Tun M has left UMNO for the second time. 

And today, you can find many columnists writing about whether Tun M leaving UMNO has any impact on the organization. I saw the articles in Daily Express, Berita Harian and NST. And as for me, seeing this happened is like watching a reproduction of an old movie. The only thing is that, different actors are holding a different character now. Unfortunately, unlike movies, the whole politic scenario will have an impact to the country of which got me feeling a little bit worried. I only pray that Allah save Malaysia and the people of Malaysia, aamiin.

And today, 5 of my anak sedaras will get their SPM results. I am now receiving SPM results of my friend's childrens via our wassup group. 

Okay lah guys, I better stop now...I will write again later ya...

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