Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Wishful Thinking


I just feel like writing, now! 

I need to do a short presentation in English this afternoon so I need to brush up my language skill and warm up a little by writing and thinking in English. This is necessary to ensure that I will not be running out of words when talking...hiks.

Okay, let's start...I have just watched a slot of Ell en De generis show which was posted in FB by a friend. It is about this autistic teenager working as a barista at S tar bucks. The special thing about him is he dance while carrying out his chores because it helps him to focus. 

Apparently, the manager of the outlet met Sam (the teenager) in one summer camp and recognised his talent. Sam told the manager about his ambition to become a barista at S tar bucks and later he was called for an interview and started his barista profession.

Ellen praised the S tar bucks Manager and also those people/organisations who accepted these special people to work and given them the opportunity to become independent.

Beside working as a barista, Sam has also been dreaming of going to Japan since he was 4 years old and the show has presented him a ticket to Japan. Sam was so happy and I and watching him feeling excited almost made me cry. 


Hubby and I are now following this new programme featured in LI (channel 728, Astro) called Dream House. The programme focus on less fortunate people in China where a group of people were tasked to improve the condition of selected houses.

So far, we have watched 2 episodes and witnessing the condition of the houses where these people were staying before the renovation took place really made me realize how fortunate I am.

In the first episode, this elderly couple were staying with their two children in a very small house and they even have to share their kitchen with other tenants in the building. In the second episode another family of four were sharing a very small house which was built very close to their neighbours that sunlight could get through.

I remember how stressful the faces of the designers the first time when they saw the houses 

And I also could feel the joy feeling when they were able to deliver an improved house to the owner of the house. Yup, the joy of giving which was so heartwarming.


Recently, I attended this seminar that focus on motivating locals to be involved in businesses. One of the speakers highlighted that beside getting rich, you will also get the joy of being able to help people by running a business. Yes, you help by providing jobs to others.


Motive of this post?

I wish I could contribute more. Insyaa allah. 

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