Friday, February 5, 2016

Cuti Raya China???


How are you doing guys?

I am okay, but a little too full since my colleague tapau me nasik of which I cannot say no too. My colleague seems to be very happy to buy food and ask me to eat nowadays...they must have realised that just loveeeee food despite of the fact that I try to avoid eating. Haihhh..I must try harder and eat less after this.

My colleague and I also had a good conversation during lunch that I missed my nap, and now, I am feeling a little sleepy. 

We will have a good long CNY break after this and hubby and I did not really have any plan on how to spend the long holiday. But on Thursday, I decided to apply for leave and hubby finally booked tickets for us to go back to West Malaysia this morning. Alhamdulillah, we managed to get last minute cheap tickets...

Actually, after submitting my leave application yesterday, I have sneaked at my account balance and was feeling a little worried whether or not we can survive till end of the month. I have decided to text hubby and let him know, I said "Duit dalam akaun ada xx jeee".

I am quite tidy in managing my money and I do not have any money inserted under my mattress or anything like that and due to that, I know exactly the amount I have. But at that point of time I wished that I was this messy girl who likes to insert money under the carpet or whenever possible. Ohhh...I wished!

But hubby slowly suggested that maybe we can try to look into an old account we have and hardly used nowadays. There was also a possibility that the ATM card is not functioning anymore but what the heck lah, let us just go and find out.

This morning, we stopped by the ATM and discovered that the ATM card is functioning and yeah, there's some money "terselit" in that account. I even made a remark when I found out the amount of money we have in that account, alhamdulillah, boleh la balik kampung.

So now, we are set to go. I hope everything will go smoothly and we will enjoy the break. It goes the same to all of you readers. Aaamiin.

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