Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mood malas lagi

Hari ini mood masih mood malas. Saya spend almost 4 hours to clear 8 papers, very unproductive.

My colleague Sham was directed to attend this 'lab' on the economic corridor for almost three months and I am suppose to cover for him? huh? That will be a great challenge for me. I hope I do not have to post too many of my 'stress' story after this, please.

An old and dear boss came to visit me this afternoon. He spent more than two hours in my room, chatting. Huh, officers dropped by to greet him and chat. How we miss working with him.

Malamnya, ada open house, bestnya. Esok, anak saudara saya akan sampai dari Jepun, harap dia tidak terkejut dengan keadaan rumah saya yang cantik berkilat nih, ha ha.

I will post some stories on my hari raya celebration later I am just too lazy.

Okay, chow chin chow

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