Sunday, September 18, 2011

still on raya mood

Today is Sunday, the last day of the long break. A nice long break indeed.

I started the day with my 2 kilometres walk/run. I am determine to do my walk consistently nowadays mainly to increase my metabolic rate and also to take care of my heart. The walk also give me some piece of mine, at least I know what I consumed, being burned out instead of accumulating in my body and stays as fat/cellulite...hiks, the present one is already abundance, therefore I do not need new one.

Hari ini ada 3 jemputan open house and semuanya away from Shah Alam, kena bincang dengan suami yang mana satu nak pergi ni.

I did bring ten files/documents to clear up during the weekend and as per now, I have not touched any...ha ha.

Okaylah, enjoy your break everyone, esok kita kerja kuat balik ye..

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