Saturday, September 10, 2011

Down The Memory Lane

I really am not sure how to start. But I just want to share this story about those who has got impact in your life when you were younger (therefore this only apply for old people, the young may not understand).
The old woman in the photo above is Wan Saidah (the mandailings refer to their grandmother as Wan). She will be 90 years on 11 November this year. She used to stay in the big green house next to my house at Chemor. 

Wan Saidah is still healthy physically but she has some problem with her memory. Gone were the days where she would make a big fuss whenever we visited her. She was the best host ever. Ever since I was small, going to Wan Saidah's house will be something which I looked forward to. On normal days, they would served us/me hot milo and biscuits (roti marie ke, roti mayat ke), and somehow everything tasted so nice. Come raya day, Wan Saidah's house will be the first house we visited. Hmmm....kuih raya dia semuanya sedap, and what I like best is their kuah kacang and rendang tok yang superb.

My mom has always refered to her as an example. The way she layan her husband, kemas rumah dll...

She has started to loose her memory more than 20 years ago. Her daughter only found out recently that there's a blood clot in one of the nerve that flows to the brain (I am not sure whether I have put this correctly or not). The clot has refrain some function of the brain..and by now, Wan Saidah cannot even remember her own name.

Watching her this afternoon made me shed some tears. Sedihnya tengok dia so lost but still kept on smiling. She sat at the exact same location at the time we arrived until the time we went back. I think she likes it when people touch her hands, because when I did touched her hands, she was clinging to it.

At least Wan Saidah is cared for by her loved ones during her old days. Well, we will all be getting old one day and we cannot tell how are we going to look like/behave then, ha ha. Let's pray for the best for all of us now and the future and I thank Allah for the opportunity to visit Wan Saidah, insya allah, panjang umur, kita jumpa lagi.

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