Friday, April 15, 2011

talking to myself's Friday, the day I love most! I thought I could spend a little time sleeping, but one officer came to discuss somethin, so, there goes my lunch break, discussing work. Macam busy sangat kan? Actually I did have time to visit my favourite blogs just now, meaning that I did manage to take some break.

Hmmm...a friend came yesterday to say goodbye since today is going to be her last day in M***. I asked her how she feels and she said she keeps an open mind. Problems will be everywhere, office politics and all that. But she plans to go through it, and face a new problems and just leave the old one which she has been carrying these few years and I could not agree more.

Problems will be everywhere. I remember when I was to move to my new Division, I was alerted about the officer whom may not be as efficient as the one I have in my old division. But funny enough, I just grow to appreciate this 'not so efficient' staff. I must admit that she is rather slow, and is always late, ha ha. But I know despite that, she is very sincere, and is trying very hard to cover her lateness in arriving by going back late everyday. Another thing, she is very affectionate. Yeah, thinking about her just make me smile.

I believe in whatever you give, you get back. If you try to make things easy for others, people will do the same to you. If you are cold to others, people will be cold to you. If you do not want to smile to others, people will not smile to you...If you like to judge others, people will judge you is as simple as that.

As for my 'not so efficient' staff' I just accept her, and try to compromise and complete her weakness...and as a return, she buys me kuih everyday and serve me some more...ha ha ha...that just makes me wonder whether I am really sincere or not! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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