Thursday, April 14, 2011

What is your shoe size?

Saya sangat excited untuk menulis sebenarnya, tapi tidak tahu apa yang mahu di tulis.

Hmm, I realised that if I were disturbed, I will keep on calling my husband's name...hiks...and last night, since he heard his name called, he came to me asked " apahal cikbib?" and I was likee....

ha ha ha...I did tell him part of the story, not thorough though..malu. Well I told him that my officers and I were having this conversation and the topic was "what size is your shoe?"...

And Shuk asked back "So, just let them know?"

Then I said " it's big, malu la"

and Shuk said " so it's big, so? just let them know"

and I was like ......

ha ha ha...actually the story started like this. My officers and I were on our way to visit this factory and one of the girls was having problem with her shoes. That is when the discussion on shoes, legs, foot etc. started. I admitted that mine is the same like cinderella's fat and ugly stepsister's size. But when they asked, I answered them 7.5...7.5???? I am wearing size 8 man, and in future maybe 9....unless i stop growing.

haaa...and the problem now is not that I am ashamed of my shoe size anymore, but I am more ashamed because I lied...uwaaaaa....I hate myself!

Hahhhhh, such a small matter but it effected me last night. I have let it out here, in this blog and I hope I can continue life without thinking so much about this anymore....winks

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