Sunday, April 24, 2011

borak di hari ahad

It's Sunday today, and here I am, munching and writing at the same time.

I would like to talk about AF concert yesterday. I would like to talk about one of the contestant, Amir.

Last night, Amir sang this song 'Dilema' which I have never heard before, and he was dressed in white. His vocal was totally out and he looked very sad...once finished, the juries were all as confused as I was...what was the song about, what was it that you were trying tell the audience...and he cried.

Once, when I was attending my PTK course, the advisor, while trying to cool us down, was comparing us with AF students. He said, yeah, all of you are stressed, but I am sure, what you are feeling now is nothing compare to what the AF students have to go through every week for 3 months. Imagine having to face a public humiliation every week.

And I could not agree more. I think even the PM Malaysia would find the open critics hard. Huh, I wonder if Ogy were to be criticised, apa la yang akan jadi agaknya...malatop!!

Let's go back to Amir, he is only 18 years old and the pressure must have got into him and he cannot stand it anymore. For me, to be able to go through the whole process that far was already something to be proud of. To be able to come out of the Academy alive and sane is good enough! It is not an easy life out there, even though the objective is to be a performer, to entertain people. Tambah-tambah bila Ogy mengkritik, tak de seni langsung...too damn serious, walhal benda tu untuk seronok-seronok aja.

hmm, conclusion? I guess there's no conclusion, life is not easy, handle everything wisely.

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