Sunday, March 13, 2011

The long lost blogger

Lamanya saya tak update blog ni...ada orang yang ikut tak blog ni? kalau ada, sorry babe, I've been busy.

There's a lot to tell actually, thousands, but to allocate time to sit down and think on the best way to present it is really not easy...he he..

So, nak cerita apa ye?

Tomorrow I will have my massage session early in the morning. Kak Maria, the masseur promised to come around 9.00 a.m. tomorrow...I can't wait, really...I love it very much, release stress.

Oh, I did go to PD (30 December 2010) and Penang (7-9 March 2011). I realised how important to get away whenever time and money permits nowadays. I will try to post some pictures later.

By the way, March is the most important month for both Shuk and I. It's the month where we celebrated our anniversary, i.e. the fifth year, my birthday and Shuk's birthday. It it also the month when my eldest sister passed away. I am missing her...always. I just wish that I did more when she was still alive.

The earthquake in Japan yesterday really panicked the whole family. My older brother and his family are living in Tokyo now, but alhamdulillah, all of them are safe.

okay, enough writing, please enjoy some of the photos taken when we were having our holiday in PD..

We stayed as Thistle, 5 star and a new hotel. We purposely chose a slightly higher price hotel since we would like to spend time in a room which is nicer than our own room at home...ha ha ha...maklumlah, sebelum ni asyik duduk di Seri Malaysia aja..

We took this picture from the swimming pool...the balcony with our baju busuk

I realised that my husband does look good in photos, for that reason, I simply avoid taking pictures with him...

What am I doing here...tepi pantai

jurusnya...he he...terpaksa berlari sebab kamera tu tangkap sendiri within 10 seconds kan

sesak buai tu sebab yang naik tu baru dalam proses nak jadi slim..aaamiiiin

Shuk sangat comfortable sebab dia slim...kami kena tukar badan, baru cun

tulis nama atas batu...ehhh...pasirAdd Image

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