Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moving Forward

Another weekend comes to end, and tomorrow, Monday is waiting. My schedule is full from Monday till Friday...semangat cikbib, semangat...

March is ending and April is coming. Y.Bhg. Dato' Deputy DGII is to retire on 20 April 2011...sob sob...sedih!! In fact, next week is going to be the last time that he will ever chair the duty exemption meetings (JPC1&2). We will miss him surely...and I pray hard that the next chairman will be equally good if not better.

What makes a good boss/chairman?Hmm

1) Knowledgeable! Yup, most important. Since JPC is such a technical thing, all the policy must be in your finger tips. You must also has a good knowledge on the industries and that include the important players and also the products.

2) Firm and able to make decision.

3) Be able to take things lightly, be able to forgive especially when the mistake is done by a young officer...if you are not able to do this, you will get stress out, members of the meeting will be stressed out, officers will be stressed, what's the point? That is one thing that I admire Y.Bhg. Dato'. He is like a father figure. Yes, he did pointed out mistakes and asked us to improve, but never in a way that makes us feel bad...

In preparation of the new chairman, my officer have been working very hard to make sure that all old applications be cleared by next week...ha ha ha...sebab mereka stress, the boss pun stress la jugak...good luck to us, good luck to Dato' and good luck to the new goes on I guess

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