Saturday, March 19, 2011

To be or not to be

Latest news I heard was the break of Fukushima Nuclear Tank is getting worse. I have actually postponed my visit to 8 May 2011, but if the situation is getting worse, I may not be going at all...hmmm...tengok la dulu...

it's Shuk's birthday today, but there was no celebration. We woke up late, went to Azira for lunch, went back, rest, and went out again after, we did buy a small cupcake for Shuk, but we do not really like the taste though..yeah, Shuk is really choosy nowadays, kalau cake, mesti nak sekurang-kurangnya secret recipe...daserrrr

There is really nothing in the fridge now except for some instant malay kueh. If I want to cook, I need to do some marketing tomorrow, if not, it will be outside food for the whole of next week then...that is not inline with our mission to save more this year, ha ha..

okay lah, it's going to be a short post then...have a happy weekend alls

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