Monday, February 7, 2011


I went back last Saturday and mak asked me what is the meaning of 'Authentic'. Why did she asked? Because Milla (AF punya singer tu) used the word in one of the advertisement. So...the meaning is :

it's an adjective by the way.....

1) done or made in the traditional or original way
ᅳsynonym genuine
  • authentic French food

2) a painting, document, book etc that is authentic has been proved to be by a particular person
ᅳsynonym genuine
  • an authentic work by Picasso

3)based on facts

  • an authentic account

4) used to describe a copy that is the same as, or as good as, the original

  • Actors dressed in authentic costumes re-enact the battle.

if only you could read this mak!

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