Monday, March 28, 2011

My beloved niece commented that my blog's format has not changed for a long long time..ha ha ha, and she used the word loyal...hik hik..I realized that the format is rather boring, but I do not have time to change, just bare with it guys

I am alone at home now, hubby went out with his two brothers (which I know will never happened to my two brothers)..ha ha...if you are reading this guys, you know this is the truth right...

and the house was suddenly attacked by cockroach (betul ke ejaan nih) never happened before and I was like..OMG...and my mind start to wonder, what if the number suddenly increase like the one featured in the movies, mati gue, dah la hubby tak de. Tapi tak pe, dengan semangat yang ada, saya telah akhirnya berjumpa dengan botol ridsect dan mula membuat tembakan yang tepat ke arah lipas lipas itu...hmmm...semuanya menggelupur dan pengsan, saya pun mengutip lipas lipas itu, dan memasukkannya ke dalam beg plastik...ada sepuluh ekoq semua...

okay, keadaan sudah tenang..let me just breath and rest

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